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Antistatic Aluminium Composite Panel

SAKARU Antistatic series is a special type of Aluminium Composite Panel, which compounded with high-quality Aluminum sheet and non-toxic polyethlene core material by advanced technology. The resistance on panel surface is extremely slight compared with other types of Aluminum composite panel. Its antistatic paint on surface integrates the features of beauty, antibacterial and environmental Protection. It is dustproof, antipollution and antistatic and can solve all the problems caused by electrostatic. It is a decorative material for medicine, electron, food, cosmetic and other scientific research units.


Application Scope
Due to the antistatic character of surface coating, SAKURA Antistatic Aluminium Composite Panel is suitable for interior decoration that has special requests on dustproof, antipollution, antibacterial and antistatic.

Medicine research locale, biology research locale, Hospital, Food processing locale, chemistry goods factory, cosmetic factory and health care product factory etc.


 Dustproof and antipollution
Server room, circuit board workshop, semiconductor and silicon chip etc. electronic production locale, computer hardware factory, spaceflight equipment factory, micro-electronics production or application locale, photography production and application locale, chemistry factory and nuclear industry locale.

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