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Nano (PVDF) Aluminium Composite Panel

SAKURA Nano (PVDF) Aluminium Composite Panel adopts high-tech. nano coating technology and is superior to traditional PVDF ACP in several prominent properties, such as self-cleaning, antipollution and etc. SAKURA Nano (PVDF) Aluminium Composite Panel is new material for curtain wall and can be applied for outdoor decoration of super brand chain stores.

The coating surface of SAKURA Nano(PVDF) ACP owns excellent self-cleaning capability. Generally, the normal Aluminium Composite Panel can be polluted easily by dust and rain after a certain period of use. Particularly while using unqualified silicone sealant, the seams will flow out large quantity of black stain after a long period of rain soaking. It will be not only difficult to clean, but also seriously affect the appearance. Now, SAKURA Nano(PVDF) Aluminium Composite Panel greatly solved this problem, as the tension of the coating is extremely low and the dirty is hard to adhere the panel , a small amount of dirt can be washed and removed by the rain and reach the self-cleaning effect. And it can help the owners save a lot of charge for cleaning and maintenance.


The theory of  Nano (PVDF) Aluminium Composite Panel
SARUKA Nano (PVDF) Aluminium Composite Panel is coated with a layer of self-cleaning protective coating that is isolated with the dirt and can decompose the organic pollutants in the atmosphere, thereby achieve the self-cleaning effect.

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